World Chinese Badminton Federation

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Congratulations to the winners and runner-ups in our Crown WCBF Australia Veterans Badminton Championship 2018!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting the results and the photos.  Please visit the photo gallery for the highlights of the tournament.



World Chinese Badminton Federation Calender of Events  2015

Date                             Event                                                                            Venue              

20-22/03/2015            World Chinese Badminton Team Championship         Auckland

17-19/04/2015             World Morning Cup Badminton Championship          Taipei

08/06/2015                 BSA Group WCBF Australia Cup 2015                          Sydney

14-16/08/2015            World Chinese Badminton Junior Championship         Chendu

29/10 - 01/11/2015      World Chinese Badminton Championship                   Changsha

World Chinese Badminton Federation Calender of Events  2014

Date                  Event                                                                             Venue                

11-13/04/2014    World Morning Cup Badminton Championship              Taipei

13-15/06/2014    World Chinese Badminton Team Championship           Shandong

07-10/08/2014    World Chinese Badminton Junior Championship           Beijing

04-05/10/2014    Crown WCBF Australia Cup 2014                                    Sydney

16-19/10/2014     World Chinese Badminton Championship                      Zhuhai